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It's only fitting to picture Russ with his three children, as a day doesn't go by without him sharing one of their accomplishments. A proud father indeed! 

You'll recognize the accent as Boston, but Russ has been in the Bryson City area for a decade working on large construction projects (have you seen the third hotel tower or the bowling alley at Harrah's Cherokee?). But when there came to be an opportunity to move on to another major project somewhere that wasn't home, Russ had something else in mind. Specifically, settling down in Bryson City and setting some deeper roots here. Just in time for the twins to graduate high school, don't be surprised if one or both aren't far behind.

Fontana Lake Builders is in good hands with Russ, and your new home could be at the expert direction of this seasoned construction manager. 


Tel: 123-456-7890

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